Viral Traffic Dominator Contest

At the begining I will remind You what is Viral Traffic Dominator:

It’s software that generates additional TARGETED Traffic to website of Your choice.
How does it work??
Well it’s very simple: software allows You to shorten links. After that You have to promote shortened link, like You would do anyway promoting Your offer. What is awesome – if someone clicks this link, will open your offer and there will be pop up window with timer, that shows Your VTD Referal link and 1 random Advertisement.
You will ask whats awesome in that – awesome is this 1 random ad can be Your ad if some other member promotes his link. Right now we have 11k members so imagine amount of traffic generated to Your offer from this 1 random Advertisement.

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From 29 December 2014 till 30 January 2015 inside Viral Traffic Dominator we have a contest. Thanks to participating in it, You can win Advertisement Credits.
We have 10.01.2015 And, just take a look:
Contest Viral Traffic Dominator ContestYep. I’m leading 😀 From over 11000 members Bart is 1st 😀

And right now Reward is worth more then 147$, As You can buy credits without contest:
Credits Viral Traffic Dominator ContestSo not only program is really usefull and im promoting it to help others in generating Traffic. Founder of VTD Jacob is giving opportunity to win expensive rewards.

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Bart Gorczak

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