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We all know Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others, but do You know they are one of the best Social Media Traffic Sources??


The best part is: They are FREE source of traffic.  You can create account there for free and start marketing (showing Your offer). Sounds easy but it’s not. Everyone tries to sell something to us there and to really make profits from Social Media Traffic Sources You have to learn how to use them properly. Of course you can learn this all alone by trying and checking results, but trust me it will take to long to master one technique.

social networking Social Media Traffic Sources

Ok let me tell You about few things that are really common but not all knows about it.

No matter how good product/ blog post/ offer You have – if You won’t show it to proper amount of people noone will know You / check Your product/ buy anything. So make sure You are giving people opportunity to find You on social media – if You will read this post to the end, at the bottom unde rmy picture You will see links to all Social Media Traffic Sources I’m using.By promoting my blog posts I’m promoting my Social Media channels.

Each Social Media Traffic Source is awesome for getting BACKLINKS. If You are marketing from some time, You should know that backlinks are needed for positioning Your Youtube Videos / posts high in Google rankings. So thanks to marketing in Social Media You are getting usefull backlinks.

There are different time zones on Earth – we all know that but what does it mean for Social Media Traffic Sources?? Well most common time when people are using Facebook, Twitter or others are 5PM – 9PM. If You are promoting You product in this time You will have better feedback from people.
Make sure You know From what time zone You are posting and in what timezone Your customers are.
For example im from Poland and most of my cutomers comes from USA. I should post between 10PM- 3AM.

Lets get more specific about Social Media Traffic Sources.

Now I would like to share with You few moves that will help You in generating Traffic.

Social Media Traffic Sources Social Media Traffic Sources


Find group related to Your niche and make sure there is big amount of people inside. Finding proper group will make sure Your Traffic is Targeted. If You will promote “Car Parts” in “Flower Lovers” group You wont get any Lead. I hope it’s clear.
If You are promoting link in group that have 75000 members, make sure to add eye catching picture to Your link (of course connected with topic) and You will get a lot of likes. If Your product is usefull then You will get comments and shares.
To increase Your range, You can mark friends on this post. Thanks to this they will get notification and probaby read what You have to say to them.

Create Your own Facebook Group and start inviting people to it. You can post links inside this group and later on share this content in other niche related groups. This will make new visitors to Your “FanPage”

If i see my Post is getting good amount of comments and shares I’m adding it to Facebook paid campaigns and getting even more views.


Make sure You are posting Your links here – It’s Google so it’s the most trusted backlinking source from all (in eye of Google).

In addition You should build “Inner Circles” here and make sure You are sending all of Your posts to every inner circle You have.


Create Categories. For example: Recommended books, Movies, Blog posts etc. Make it loook clear and add interesting pictures to every Pin You are making.

If You are starting, Make sure to invite Your Facebook friends and visit others to check their Pins + repin them – they will return the favor and repin Your stuff. Thanks to this Your links are going viral.

Inspirational quotes are pictures that are being pinned a lot!


A lot of friends = a lot of shares.

Don’t forget to use hash tags to make You post visible for targeted audience.

Mastering Social Media Traffic Sources

It’s not possible to master all of Social Media Traffic Sources at once. It takes time and it’s not easy to find out all secrets and small things that are changing Your Lead Generation.
Leads are there as everyone is using Social Media.
All You have to do is take action and start working.

I have chosen tools that helped me learn a lot about different Social Media Traffic Sources and now I want to share them with You:

Pinterest  Simply master Pinterest and get targeted traffic from it. Click Here to learn more.

Twitter – Mastering Twitter can change Your Leads too. Click Here for detalis.

Facebook & Google+ – this tool will learn You how to use both of them and connections between to generate even more leads. Expensive but most common and valuable product sold in more then 1500 copies on JvZoo only. More details Here

Instagram – You love taking pictures?? Get additional Leads by doing what You love. Click Here for details

As always if You want to change Your passive income and earn money from internet, You have to take action and  do some work.

Bart Gorczak

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Social Media Traffic Sources

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