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This post is written for all who are members of Viral Traffic Dominator already.

As You should know software is FREE but there is option to upgrade it and gain many benefits from paid service. To check detailed information about it click “upgrade star” in Your Viral Traffic Dominator backoffice.

VTD Upgrade Viral Traffic Dominator   Elite Membership

Here i would like to tell about most awesome thing from becoming Elite Member of VTD – once every 4 days you can send e-mails to 1000 random members of VTD (if your downline is smaller then 1000 5 levels down). Picture below shows my status:

LPM Viral Traffic Dominator Viral Traffic Dominator   Elite MembershipOk I marked on red last e-mail titled Landing Pages that was send to 1000 recipients. Of course most of those people don’t know me in person so I’m sending to them links to my blog posts. Thanks to that I can provide value to them and get new customers = earn money online.

From last e-mail i had awesome conversion (50%) for offered product: Landing Page Monkey

LPM sale Viral Traffic Dominator   Elite Membership

This screen shows You 2 very important things:

  1. Becoming Elite Member and sending e-mails to 1000 random VTD members (it’s simply additional Mailing List for Your current mailing list) can earn You money:
    LPM Click Viral Traffic Dominator   Elite Membership
  2. Landing Page Monkey is very valuable product if it reached 50% conversion. Before You ask why it’s so valuable I’ll answer and say that every online marketer should have high converting / good looking capture pages. This software helps You in that for only 37$. From what i found it’s one of the cheapest and most awesome solution on market. Unless You can do capture page by Yourself in HTML for FREE 🙂

My small advice:

If Your LIST is not huge yet, but You would like to send Your offers to bigger number of potential customers, Become Elite Member of Viral Traffic Dominator by clicking Your “upgrade star” now. It’s not expensive if You consider this mailings to 1000 persons every 4 days. Don’t forget Viral Traffic Dominator generates Traffic to Your Offers as a MAIN TASK. Mailing is just an addition to this awesome software.

At this point I would like to thank Jacob Wedzik – founder of Viral Traffic Dominator and my personal friend for creating this tool!

Bart Gorczak

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2 thoughts on “Viral Traffic Dominator – Elite Membership”

  1. What would you recommend with a very small cash flow to start a home base business.
    1. Name: Go daddy.
    2. hosting Gator.
    3. Capture page to build list.
    4. Web traffic & conversion .

    1. My suggestions:
      1. GoDaddy
      2. GVO for hosting + autoresponder
      3. GVO have some built in capture pages you can use Or Landing Page Monkey links in post above.
      4. Viral Traffic Dominator and Social Medias like FaceBook/ Pinterest/ Twitter

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