Setting Up An Online Business part.1 – Domains

If you are reading this post, probably you heard about opportunity to earn money online. Yes there is such option but you need to start setting up an online business.

Let me explain my first sentence: If You want to earn 5 or 10 dollars there is plenty of programs in net that will allow you to waste 100$ to earn those 5. But for me it’s called gambling. Most of those programs won’t allow you to earn more then you spend.

On this site You will be able to read about my experience with online marketing (i was gambling at the beginning too) and I hope that thanks to this blog You will avoid many mistakes that i made in the past.

OK so probably you have first question:
From what should I start with??
Answer to your question is in topic of this post:

Setting up an Online Business

As this is very complicated task, it won’t be done in next 5minutes. Setting up an online business that is real and will generate a lot of income without leaving home, require a lot of work. If You compare it to real business there are many similliar factors like:

  • having products that you can offer to customers
  • having shop (plce) where you can sell those products
  • having customers that will buy your products
  • having employess that will work for you
  • and many other factors.

I will leave “having a product” for a moment. There is high possibility you already have your own offer and just looking for ideas how to sell it. If you don’t have it – don’t worry we will have plenty of usefull products to offer for our customers (thats why online business is so AWESOME!)

Next step is having a shop – place where customers can meet you and you can offer them your products. In online marketing business it will be online website like this one You are reading now.
Here we heve our first IMPORTANT task for setting up an online business:
Get Your own domain and create website where customers can find you, meet you and at the end of process buy from You.
Best place to buy domain name is

GoDaddy 300x100 Setting Up An Online Business part.1   DomainsThanks to this site You can choose Your own domain name and buy it.
It will be your first product if you don’t have your own offer yet. GoDaddy have affiliate program that allows you to earn up to 40% commisions if you reffer someone to buy products form their site. Remember – never enough sources of income.

Before You decide make sure your domain name is connected to Your business. There is no sense to choose if you are selling strawberries. Next important thing is “.com” don’t bother with others like “.pl, .de, .gov, .net etc.” Last important thing – make sure that name of your domain is easy to pronounce – for future it will be easier for your viewers for example when you will tell them to visit your site in Youtube videos.

This is first step in setting up an online business. Get serious about it and spend some time on searching for proper domain. Many of “awesome ideas” are already taken but be creative. This is like finding a name for your real life business. Noone said it will be easy 🙂

If you have any other questions dont hesitate to contact with me.
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 Setting up an online business


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