Bad people

This post is my personal reflection after watching news today.

Usually I’m not watching TV at all. Interesting movies, series, news are in internet and i can sort them in the way i want. Today I was doing something and in the meantime i have seen news…

This is just insane. Every single information was about bad people, bad things, bad moves of goverment, everything was presented as BAD

How people can think positive when on each step they have pushed to their heads bad informations? By this every person think about this world as a piece of crap. Most recent topics in news:

  • murderers
  • terrorists
  • thieves
  • accidents (bus crash with big number of passangers are most important news)
  • plane crashes
  • how goverment invested in wrong project and lost 3mln Euro
  • how politics steal from country
  • how policeman was selling drugs
  • yes drugs is next topic – the best is new type of drug that killed 30people

and I can quote much longer…

This is not Correct!

All of us should focus on good things and stop judge people by info their heard in crap news. They are talking only about very small percent of people. And from what i noticed around me much more people are looking at others and try to set them as one from news (murderer, terrorist etc…) If you are fan of news and you enjoy those informations, it’s time for you to stop watching and start some sport. This is poisoning your mind and destroying your life.

For those who can read this and have power to change something in news:

  • show new inventions
  • tell about noble people (that did something usefull for others)
  • talk about good investments
  • good moves of goverment
  • show happy people…

Enough crap and bad, bad, bad drama.

This world is not so bad as media shows it!

Just wanted to share this thought with you guys.

Bart Gorczak
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