MLM Lead Generation System – FREE targeted traffic software

Hello fellow readers.

If you are working in some Multi Level Marketing company then you want to sell as much products as you can to max your profit.
To achieve that you need Targeted MLM Lead Generation System and to help You out i prepared video that will show you how this software works:



In case You don’t like to watch videos i’ll try to write step by step guide how you can use this FREE MLM Lead Generation System.
Yes word FREE is important here asYou get access to this tool and you don’t have to pay anything!

Ok so going back to “how to use this software”

Simply it’s link shortener.  I’m 100% sure you are sharing your links somewhere in net, why don’t shorten them using this tool and get additional traffic??
How it’s possible??
Let me give you example:
I’m member of VTD then I’m shortening my links. If i post it on my Facebook fanpage and You will click this link, you will see my main offer and a 15 seconds window pop up. Inside this pop Up window you will see 2 frames. One containing VTD referral link and other containing random advertisement.  This random advertisement is our winner here. Every member of VTD have his text or banner ads prepared (this can be You) if some other member is sharing his link this ad (Yours) can be displayed in this popup window. So summing up Guy who is clicking link on my fanpage can see your Ad.
Of course there is small catch – you need to have credits so your ad can be displayed. How you can get credits – simple by shortening links.
So for everyone who is interested in Free Targeted Lead generation software i recommend you to watch video – get clue and subscribe to my list. Thanks to that you will get your free access.

MLM Lead Generation System

whats cool about it – you can use this software to multiple niches like health and fitness, gaming, real estates and many many more. In Video above you will see how many niches are available inside VTD.

You are not risking anything so make sure you sign in and start using it.
mlm lead generation system free traffic software MLM Lead Generation System   FREE targeted traffic software

MLM Lead Generation

If You have any other ideas about generating traffic to your business  don’t hesitate to share them here in comments with me and other members browsing this blog. I’ll consider them.

Bart Gorczak

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MLM lead generation system – free targeted traffic software


TrafficInOnlineMarketing Review – Affiloblueprint

Affiloblueprint Review – Honest Affiliate Marketing System

First of all I would like to explain that Affiloblueprint is one of products offered by Affilorama. If You are beggeiner or intermediate in affiliate marketing, You can sign in to Affilorama for FREE and get access to 100 complete training lessons about making money online. I really recomend to sign in and make sure You have everything sorted correctly in Your business.

Get Your Free access by clicking link below:
==> Affilorama Free Access <==

Going back to Affiloblueprint review:

Affiloblueprint review TrafficInOnlineMarketing Review   Affiloblueprint
Affiloblueprint review

Affiloblueprint is infamous step-by-step guide that will teach You everything You need to know to create website in online marketing niche, that will allow you to earn money online. It was created by Mark Ling, an 8-figure millionaire.Before I tell You what’s included, and whether it is worth, I want to tell you a bit more about Mark’s story – you will be shocked!

He started affiliate marketing in high school. In less then a year he had 3000$ per week income. He got paid for finding niches and ranking them high in Google. Everything was perfect – until one day he got Google slapped, and it instantly started to crash! That changed his business but he didn’t give up. Mark decided to give it another go but this time he focused on e-mail marketing instead of placing banner ads. You know what?

It worked!

He looked at his dad – he had stresfull job and wasn’t earning much. Mark decided to help him and created Affiloblueprint review– easy system showing  step by step what Mark was doing, a system his old dad could even use. You know what?

His dad is now retired on a six figure income and this stuff works on autopilot!

AffiloBlueprint Stips Away The Confusion With A Foul-Proof Guide To Success

AffiloBlueprint as a name says is a blueprint. It’s step by step guide, that tells you exactly what to do to create an affiliate website from scratch.
It contains 12 modules. Each module includes over-the-shoulder videos, PDF notes and homework to complete (yes You will have homework to do).But at the end of the course you will have complete website ready to generate money for You and required traffic!


  • Introduction
  • Market Research
  • Creating Content
  • Website Setup
  • Website Design
  • On Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Off Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Newsletters
  • Website Tweaking
  • Pay Per Click Advertising

This Affilorama tool is perfect for begginers and intermediate marketers, who still don’t understand all of the steps involved, and need a blueprint to follow. I checked it, and I can personally tell you that Mark Ling’s formula works. And he has left nothing out – it is all there. I was missing few key facts too… But thanks to Afflioblueprint personal review i got those things sorted.

Get One-On-One Help With Mark Ling’s Support Staff

Yes you will have access to person who will look over your shoulder and and give you suggestions about hot to improve your business. It’s nice you will have mentors on-hand right? All members of Affiloblueprint have access to live chat with support team. They will provide answers to your questions Face to Face. I’m in this business from few years and i discovered that other services charge huge amounts of money for services like this. On that note…

affiloblueprint review 2 TrafficInOnlineMarketing Review   Affiloblueprint
Affiloblueprint review
AffiloBlueprint Will Actually Save You Money And Pay For Itself

How it will pay for itself?? Well it will teach you how to make money-magnet website. Today it will save You a lot of money You would loose on multiple trainings. All in One version is included to affiloblueprint. Probably You have bought lots and lots of products and services, such as web hosting, and SEO tools. They all are great – but the monthly payments add up!
Now the best part of Affiloblueprint review – it tought me how to do everything with use of FREE tools!!! Ranking high in Google using FREE software and services -Sounds Perfect for me! Even better – You will get free web hosting (for 5 domains) for a year! Count how much You can save only on this…

But AffiloBlueprint Has A Downside – So Be Careful!

AffiloBlueprint is almost perfect but it don’t give you completed website in Your hands. You will have to make Your homework- otherwise, you won’t even make money. If you want complete system made for you, You have to look ealsewhere as it’s not here (it will cost 10 times more then Affiloblueprint and my review). Here, You can learn how to create websites – this skill is priceless – You will learn it once and later on, You will create Your websites like you are making selfies now. Not hard if you have proper tools ( for selfie smartphone is required 🙂 )right?

This is Your formula to success.

If you are ready to work, learn and make money online like Mark did, this software is for You. It’s ultra easy to follow, everything is clear and you have Your step by step guide where you can check if You did everything correct.
By now it’s best training on market so get inside and start working!

Bart Gorczak

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Affiloblueprint review

Double Your Income

If You are reading this post You saw title and probably wondering how it’s possible to double Your income.

Well I’m just in the middle of watching outstanding interview with one of my mentors Brian Tracy. You already should know that mindset is very important in Online Marketing business but find time for listening to this interview. It’s just mind blowing.

Take a lesson and learn from this interview. This man knows what he says and those tasks (like writing down 10 tasks every morning) can change Your life and double Your income.

Go back 2 years before in Your life.
How much have You earned then??
Did You doubled Your income??

80% of people will say yes to last question.

“Do fewer things, but do more important things, do more of them, get better on them so you can get them done faster!”

Repeat this!!

Bart Gorczak

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Viral Traffic Dominator – Elite Membership

This post is written for all who are members of Viral Traffic Dominator already.

As You should know software is FREE but there is option to upgrade it and gain many benefits from paid service. To check detailed information about it click “upgrade star” in Your Viral Traffic Dominator backoffice.

VTD Upgrade Viral Traffic Dominator   Elite Membership

Here i would like to tell about most awesome thing from becoming Elite Member of VTD – once every 4 days you can send e-mails to 1000 random members of VTD (if your downline is smaller then 1000 5 levels down). Picture below shows my status:

LPM Viral Traffic Dominator Viral Traffic Dominator   Elite MembershipOk I marked on red last e-mail titled Landing Pages that was send to 1000 recipients. Of course most of those people don’t know me in person so I’m sending to them links to my blog posts. Thanks to that I can provide value to them and get new customers = earn money online.

From last e-mail i had awesome conversion (50%) for offered product: Landing Page Monkey

LPM sale Viral Traffic Dominator   Elite Membership

This screen shows You 2 very important things:

  1. Becoming Elite Member and sending e-mails to 1000 random VTD members (it’s simply additional Mailing List for Your current mailing list) can earn You money:
    LPM Click Viral Traffic Dominator   Elite Membership
  2. Landing Page Monkey is very valuable product if it reached 50% conversion. Before You ask why it’s so valuable I’ll answer and say that every online marketer should have high converting / good looking capture pages. This software helps You in that for only 37$. From what i found it’s one of the cheapest and most awesome solution on market. Unless You can do capture page by Yourself in HTML for FREE 🙂

My small advice:

If Your LIST is not huge yet, but You would like to send Your offers to bigger number of potential customers, Become Elite Member of Viral Traffic Dominator by clicking Your “upgrade star” now. It’s not expensive if You consider this mailings to 1000 persons every 4 days. Don’t forget Viral Traffic Dominator generates Traffic to Your Offers as a MAIN TASK. Mailing is just an addition to this awesome software.

At this point I would like to thank Jacob Wedzik – founder of Viral Traffic Dominator and my personal friend for creating this tool!

Bart Gorczak

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Social Media Traffic Sources

We all know Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others, but do You know they are one of the best Social Media Traffic Sources??


The best part is: They are FREE source of traffic.  You can create account there for free and start marketing (showing Your offer). Sounds easy but it’s not. Everyone tries to sell something to us there and to really make profits from Social Media Traffic Sources You have to learn how to use them properly. Of course you can learn this all alone by trying and checking results, but trust me it will take to long to master one technique.

social networking Social Media Traffic Sources

Ok let me tell You about few things that are really common but not all knows about it.

No matter how good product/ blog post/ offer You have – if You won’t show it to proper amount of people noone will know You / check Your product/ buy anything. So make sure You are giving people opportunity to find You on social media – if You will read this post to the end, at the bottom unde rmy picture You will see links to all Social Media Traffic Sources I’m using.By promoting my blog posts I’m promoting my Social Media channels.

Each Social Media Traffic Source is awesome for getting BACKLINKS. If You are marketing from some time, You should know that backlinks are needed for positioning Your Youtube Videos / posts high in Google rankings. So thanks to marketing in Social Media You are getting usefull backlinks.

There are different time zones on Earth – we all know that but what does it mean for Social Media Traffic Sources?? Well most common time when people are using Facebook, Twitter or others are 5PM – 9PM. If You are promoting You product in this time You will have better feedback from people.
Make sure You know From what time zone You are posting and in what timezone Your customers are.
For example im from Poland and most of my cutomers comes from USA. I should post between 10PM- 3AM.

Lets get more specific about Social Media Traffic Sources.

Now I would like to share with You few moves that will help You in generating Traffic.

Social Media Traffic Sources Social Media Traffic Sources


Find group related to Your niche and make sure there is big amount of people inside. Finding proper group will make sure Your Traffic is Targeted. If You will promote “Car Parts” in “Flower Lovers” group You wont get any Lead. I hope it’s clear.
If You are promoting link in group that have 75000 members, make sure to add eye catching picture to Your link (of course connected with topic) and You will get a lot of likes. If Your product is usefull then You will get comments and shares.
To increase Your range, You can mark friends on this post. Thanks to this they will get notification and probaby read what You have to say to them.

Create Your own Facebook Group and start inviting people to it. You can post links inside this group and later on share this content in other niche related groups. This will make new visitors to Your “FanPage”

If i see my Post is getting good amount of comments and shares I’m adding it to Facebook paid campaigns and getting even more views.


Make sure You are posting Your links here – It’s Google so it’s the most trusted backlinking source from all (in eye of Google).

In addition You should build “Inner Circles” here and make sure You are sending all of Your posts to every inner circle You have.


Create Categories. For example: Recommended books, Movies, Blog posts etc. Make it loook clear and add interesting pictures to every Pin You are making.

If You are starting, Make sure to invite Your Facebook friends and visit others to check their Pins + repin them – they will return the favor and repin Your stuff. Thanks to this Your links are going viral.

Inspirational quotes are pictures that are being pinned a lot!


A lot of friends = a lot of shares.

Don’t forget to use hash tags to make You post visible for targeted audience.

Mastering Social Media Traffic Sources

It’s not possible to master all of Social Media Traffic Sources at once. It takes time and it’s not easy to find out all secrets and small things that are changing Your Lead Generation.
Leads are there as everyone is using Social Media.
All You have to do is take action and start working.

I have chosen tools that helped me learn a lot about different Social Media Traffic Sources and now I want to share them with You:

Pinterest  Simply master Pinterest and get targeted traffic from it. Click Here to learn more.

Twitter – Mastering Twitter can change Your Leads too. Click Here for detalis.

Facebook & Google+ – this tool will learn You how to use both of them and connections between to generate even more leads. Expensive but most common and valuable product sold in more then 1500 copies on JvZoo only. More details Here

Instagram – You love taking pictures?? Get additional Leads by doing what You love. Click Here for details

As always if You want to change Your passive income and earn money from internet, You have to take action and  do some work.

Bart Gorczak

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Social Media Traffic Sources

How To Generate Up to 350 FREE Leads Per Day On Facebook!

In just a moment, you are going to discover the ‘simple formula’ that Kevin Sousa uses to pull in up to 350 free leads per day and get upwards of 200,000 shares & 40,000 comments on his Facebook posts.

viral fb formula blog 1 How To Generate Up to 350 FREE Leads Per Day On Facebook!

You can do this without a big list, magic software, or hacks that will get your account banned…

In fact, this formula is so effective and consistently reliable that nothing else online even comes close to boosting your free leads and sales as much as this… Plus, it’s quick and easy to apply… It works in every market niche… and you can do it without a shred of technical skill or marketing know-how… and that’s just the beginning.

Read this entire blog post until the end, and I’ll also give you a special bonus that will have your first post going viral and generating leads within 24 hours! It’s copy and paste simple, and the boost to your leads, sales, and income happens very quickly!

Prepare now, because results will blow Your mind!

viral fb formula blog posts examples How To Generate Up to 350 FREE Leads Per Day On Facebook!

Imagine for a moment what just 100 extra free leads per day could do for your business… Would it double.. or triple your current income?

Maybe you’ve never made any money on the internet and this formula will be the first time you’ll actually see all your hard work show up in your back account. Think about what that extra income could do for you…

Would you be able to buy a new car, take your family on a nice vacations, or just have the freedom of not living paycheck to paycheck, worrying about how you’re going to pay your bills?

What you’re about to see is so powerful, the temptation to misuse it can be strong. So you need to promise me that you will only use it to promote great quality products that genuinely help people.. deal?

click to learn more How To Generate Up to 350 FREE Leads Per Day On Facebook!

OK, so I bet you’re wondering what the story is behind this formula and how you can use it to start generating leads and sales in your business..

Well, about a month ago, one of Kevin’s business partners asked him an interesting question…

He said.. “Do Want to Turn your Facebook Page into an ATM Machine?”

…and at first, Kevin just laughed and thought…

“Here we go again…”

He’s going to try and sell me some magic software or hack that will just waste my time, not getting me any closer to making real money on Facebook…”

Turn Your Friends and Followers in Leads!

I learned a long time ago, the ONLY way to make consistent money from your Facebook page is by turning your friends and followers into LEADS…

…and the only way to get a lot of followers and leads, is by getting VIRAL EXPOSURE through the likes, shares, and comments on your posts.

“But There Was Always One Serious Problem”

Nothing I posted ever got more than 20-30 comments and a couple shares, so I could never generate enough leads to make any real money…

That is, until I learned Kevin Sousa’s secret formula for unleashing the “Viral Power” of Facebook.

It was unlike anything I had ever heard before..

I thought it was just ‘luck’ that caused a post to go viral and get thousands of shares and comments, but I was DEAD WRONG..

It’s a formula…It’s scientific…It’s not luck…

So that means ANYONE who applies the formula can get a similar result!

That was music to my ears…

…and after just one week of using the formula, Kevin started getting thousands of shares and comments on his posts every day.. and leads we’re flooding into his email autoresponder.

His posts started spreading like wildfire and marketers from all different niches started asking him how he was doing it…

…and after he taught them his formula, they started seeing results almost instantly!

When you get your copy of the Viral FB formula today… Kevin will teach you The Exact formula he taught them for making posts their posts viral in a value packed 30 minute training video..

viral fb formula leads proof How To Generate Up to 350 FREE Leads Per Day On Facebook!

Kevin also provides additional training videos where he teaches you“How to Maximize Your Leads” using a couple simple tweaks that took him from 50-100 leads/day to over 350 leads/day literally overnight…

He will teach you how to kick start your shares so you hit the magic ‘viral’ number FAST! (even if you have no friends or followers)

Kevin will teach you how to convert your viral posts into leads and sales in any niche…

…and he even shows you the top 5 mistakes he’s made and how you can avoid them…

Just imagine what this can do for your business and your income.. never before has it been so easy to give yourself a MONSTER sized pay raise.. by bringing in 2, 3, or even 4 times the amount of leads and sales that you’re currently getting.. and with so little effort…

..making your posts go viral is easy and the difference it makes in the volume of leads and cold hard cash flooding into your bank account each and every week is nothing short of INCREDIBLE..

What would the Viral FB Formula be worth to you?

Act today you’ll also receive a very special, limited time bonus… Kevin actually lets you copy his 2 Best Posts of All Time! You’ll get access to the exact content, video and text that Kevin used in his 2 best viral posts, that each got over half a million shares, so you can piggyback on his success and have your first post going viral within 24 hours of getting started…

So grab your copy today by clicking the add to cart button below…

viralfb banner1 How To Generate Up to 350 FREE Leads Per Day On Facebook!


Bart Gorczak

Kaleb Avatar How To Generate Up to 350 FREE Leads Per Day On Facebook!ikona facebook How To Generate Up to 350 FREE Leads Per Day On Facebook!ikona pinterest How To Generate Up to 350 FREE Leads Per Day On Facebook!Ikona Twitter How To Generate Up to 350 FREE Leads Per Day On Facebook!ikona google plus How To Generate Up to 350 FREE Leads Per Day On Facebook!ikona linkedin How To Generate Up to 350 FREE Leads Per Day On Facebook!

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Viral Traffic Dominator Contest

At the begining I will remind You what is Viral Traffic Dominator:

It’s software that generates additional TARGETED Traffic to website of Your choice.
How does it work??
Well it’s very simple: software allows You to shorten links. After that You have to promote shortened link, like You would do anyway promoting Your offer. What is awesome – if someone clicks this link, will open your offer and there will be pop up window with timer, that shows Your VTD Referal link and 1 random Advertisement.
You will ask whats awesome in that – awesome is this 1 random ad can be Your ad if some other member promotes his link. Right now we have 11k members so imagine amount of traffic generated to Your offer from this 1 random Advertisement.

On a side note: As a member of my List, Your are getting FREE access to Viral Traffic Domintaor.
Just click HERE and subscribe to my list. Then start using this tool.


From 29 December 2014 till 30 January 2015 inside Viral Traffic Dominator we have a contest. Thanks to participating in it, You can win Advertisement Credits.
We have 10.01.2015 And, just take a look:
Contest Viral Traffic Dominator ContestYep. I’m leading 😀 From over 11000 members Bart is 1st 😀

And right now Reward is worth more then 147$, As You can buy credits without contest:
Credits Viral Traffic Dominator ContestSo not only program is really usefull and im promoting it to help others in generating Traffic. Founder of VTD Jacob is giving opportunity to win expensive rewards.

Don’t wait any longer get Your FREE access by clicking HERE.

Bart Gorczak

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Landing Page Monkey Review

Creating landing pages is a huge hassle for most marketers. You have choice: do it yourself, or hire a designer.

Or choose Landing Page Monkey…


A designer can create a beautiful page for you, but he’ll also drain your budget. And every time you need a new page, you have to cough up more cash so your designer can afford his lattes.

The other option is to do it yourself. Problem is, it takes a lot of time to create these pages. You need some coding know-how to make them look good. And if you want to track your campaigns to see if your landing page is converting, then you need to get yourself a tracking tool or script.

It’s no wonder so many marketers only have a couple landing pages, even if they are leaving money on the table by doing so. It’s just too much work, too much time or too much money to put them together… at least if you’re going to do them right.

Until now…

Introducing the Landing Page Monkey web app, which takes away all the work by quickly and easily creating stunning landing pages with just a couple clicks of your mouse.

You don’t need to touch a single line of code. You don’t need to hire a programmer or a web designer. You don’t even need to download and install a script, since this is a web app.

All you have to do is log into your Landing Page Monkey dashboard, click your way through the user-friendly form, and in just five minutes you too can have a cutting-edge, high-converting and mobile-responsive landing page to build your mailing list or sell your products.

You can use these landing pages to get mailing list subscribers, webinar registrations, run contests and close more sales. If you need a polished sales page or a landing page with an opt-in form, Landing Page Monkey can create it lightning-fast.

Landing Page Monkey features:

• Delivers highly customizable pages. You can quickly fine-tune your landing page to get just the right look and feel to seamlessly integrate with your site. LPM lets you change layouts, font colors, font styles, background graphics and even background videos to give your landing page a cutting-edge, polished design that’s sure to impress.

• Make changes on the fly. You can tweak your landing page without disrupting sales or sign ups, touching the code, or uploading anything. Just log into your dashboard, make your changes, and hit save to instantly update your pages.

• Works with all major email service providers, including Aweber, GetResponse and MailChimp and more.

• Works on your server or LPM will host your page for you. You can upload these pages to your own site, or save on bandwidth by letting LPM host the page for you at no extra charge. You don’t even need your own website to start building a mailing list with Landing Page Monkey!

• Tracks your campaigns. Landing Page Monkey tracks your impressions and mailing list sign ups so you can optimize your campaigns for maximum profits!

• 100% responsive, 0% errors. You never have to worry about faulty code throwing errors when Landing Page Monkey creates your pages – and that means 99% of all your visitors will see your landing page. Your pages will show up on all smart phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. Plus they’ve been rigorously tested to work across platforms, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and other major browsers.

• Saves you time and money. In just minutes you’ll have a beautiful landing page that looks like it was created by a high-priced web designer. Plus LPM’s clone feature lets you replicate your favorite landing pages instantly and get them online fast.

• Get rid of tech headaches. This is a web-based app, so there is nothing to download, nothing to install, no fiddling with customizing scripts. Just log in and you’re ready to start creating pages instantly.

Listen, you won’t find a better, faster or easier way to create and publish landing pages. If you can point and click a mouse, you can create a landing page like a pro with Landing Page Monkey.

So stop monkeying around with those clumsy other tools and see for yourself why Landing Page Monkey makes list building so easy. Click here to check it out right now:

As always if you have any other questions dont hesitate to contact with me.
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Landing Page Monkey

Promoting Youtube Videos – [Generating Leads Form Youtube]

Do You know that promoting Youtube Videos can give You enourmous amount of Leads??

Lets start from beggining. You know that positioning is a key to Success. If You want to get Your video viewed You have to be at the top of Google search engine.
Simple to say not so easy to do??
Not really! – It can take You few tries but with this post You will learn a lot of cool stuff about promoting Youtube videos.

promoting Youtube video 300x265 Promoting Youtube Videos   [Generating Leads Form Youtube]
Free Traffic Generator

First step of promoting Youtube Videos:

First of all You need to find Keyword that will be searched by Your viewers. To do this You have to use Google Keyword Planner.
I think, You know how keywords reaserch work so I’ll skip explaining it in details. Simply put keywords related  to You product / offer – for example “Traffic Generator” and check what options Google tool will show. Choose the one with many monthly searches and low competition. In my example it was “FREE Traffic Generator”. Now You have keyword for promoting Youtube video.

Tools You need for promoting Youtube Videos:

VideoMakerFX -awesome tool that allows You to create customized Videos, You pay once and it’s avaible for a lifetime
[as my affiliate You pay only 67$ not 97$]
Explaindio Video Creator – reate video animation, whiteboard sketch and HD Video (no experience required) [only 47$ and 30days refund time]
Convert Video Press – Transform You blog into Video EMPIRE (for those who write blogs- hardest option) [47$ is a price without discount]
Niche Video Site Builder – create video for Your Niche [Just 9,99$]

Sacriface few minutes and Read about details before buying. I recomend You to buy one product only at start and don’t start Your video journey from Convert Video Press – it’s hardest option for promoting Youtube video.

Posting Videos on Youtube – Tips.

Ok before You post Video on Youtube, You need a plan.
You should have You Keyword reaserched already. If not go and get one.

Most important thing is to Have this keyword in title of Your video.
Next You need Keyword in first line of movie description – followed by Your capture page link (it has to be in first line). Don’t forget to put tags about Your video containing You keyword and simmiliar words. It’s good to have many simmiliar words to Your keyword listed in decription of movie. In last line put Your keyword again.

When Your video is up and avaible in Youtube, You have to start promoting it – paste it everywhere You can: Your blog, send link to Your list, put it on Your google+, Facebook (and Facebook groups), Twitter, Pinterest etc. This way You are generating backlinks to Your movie. More backlinks You have it’s better for positioning Your movie in Google search engine. We want to get to the top remember??
In our journey we will use help of Fiverr [as a new member You should get one FREE gig after spending 15$]
What is it?? Let me explain in section below: help with Youtube

Ok what Fiverr gives us??
It’s service where You can buy multiple services from different niches. We will Use it to get some High Quality Backlinks for our Youtube Movie to get it positioned higher in search Engines. In addition, You can buy Youtube views/ likes/ and comments. All of this stuff is increasing value of Your movie in eyes of Google. If You movie is valuable it will be positioned very high. Even on firs page of Google.

Promoting Youtube Videos
Summing up

  1. Get keyword related to Your niche
  2. Create movie
    You can Use those tools for help:
    Explaindio Video Creator
    Convert Video Press
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  4. Get backlicnks to Your movie either by Yourself or thanks to
  5. Wait for leads!!

Examples of videos made by me:

Bart Gorczak

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