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How to generate 60 leads per day thanks to marketing campaign on Craigslist?

Marketing campaign???

Word marketing campaign is connected with something that you have to pay for. Usually it is but there are some exeptions. In this post i would like to tell You about one of them.

Form FREE methods of generating traffic to our websites we can point:

  • Forums Participating
  • Commenting Other People’s Blogs
  • Social Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Video Marketing

… and couple more.

One problem that connects all of those methods  – they require a lot of time to Learn and Implement. After long period of time You will make money from them. They will work, but it’s not method that many of online marketers are looking for to set up their marketing campaign.

Shortcut to create marketing campaign without using a lot of money:

I found out something that works very good and don’t require special skills. It’s just “copy and paste” and “work 30 minutes per day” to get results. Probably You already know what will be our traffic source ( if You readed title carefully)

How much leads are You able to generate from Craigslist??
Well that depends only form You and Your work there. But in good days I’m doing 60 leads per day. For some that’s not much but considering it’s for FREE I think it’s good result.

Consistent flow of traffic and leads is your fuel. Without that you can’t have the real business, doesn’t matter what you’re promoting.
Remember most important thing in Online Makreting:

“If You don’t generate leads – You won’t earn any money”

Marketing campaign

How we gonna generate so many leads??
Answer is simple – using Craigslist !!!

Craigslist 254x300 How to generate 60 leads per day thanks to marketing campaign on Craigslist?

For those who don’t know what it is:
Craigslist is the most popular classifieds website service that receive 20 billions views per month. Yes I’m not wrong billiions!
Can You imagine this amount of Traffic??

It’s hard but harder is participating in that traffic and redirecting just a small part of it to Your offers.

For my marketing campaign it was game changer.
I decided to learn about it as much as i can and participate in that traffic swarm.

Things You need to know when You are plannning to use Craigslist in Your marketing campaign:

  1. To generate a lot of LEADS – You will need multiple Craigslist accounts.
    Craigslist have a limit of posting only 3 ads per day from one account. As we are interested in big amount of traffic we will need more then one account. What is important those accounts need to be phone verified. But don’t worry in Advenced Training You will have links to place where You can buy verified accounts for just 5$.
  2. Using multiple accounts require IP changing. When You will post ads form same IP and multipla accounts Craigslist will notice that and ban You accounts.
    Thats why You have to use special program that will cloak Your IP and allow You to post ads without limits 🙂 Software is called Hide my Ass and You will find detailed instructions of how to use it in Advenced Training section.
    hidemyass screenshot1 300x199 How to generate 60 leads per day thanks to marketing campaign on Craigslist?
  3. Another software You need for posting from multiple accounts is CCleaner. You have to clean Your web browser history and cache. You have to do this every time You are changing Craigslist account.
    CCleaner is FREE and will do all work in just one click.
    cclenaer 300x214 How to generate 60 leads per day thanks to marketing campaign on Craigslist?

Knowing this and using programs i showed will allow You to post ads on Craigslist daily. However there are some Tips & Tricks that can help You do that more effectively.

  • Use at least 10 accounts to maximize Your leads generation daily.
  • Post in “Sales Jobs” and “Customer service” sections only
  • Renew Your ads as soon as they disapear from first page.
    By only renewing your ads and posting new 3 ads daily You can have 20 ads sticked on Craigslist every day (form one account)

This method is sick. Trust me. If You are interested in it and want to master Craigslist marketing campaign, You should check Advanced Training which actually taught me exacly how to use Craigslist i showed You. Inside You will find couple hours of video explaining step by step what to do and how to do this plus You will learn all Tips & Tricks that You can use to top up Your lead generation in Your marketing campaign.

Marketing campaign with Craigslist

It’s CraigsList Traffic Bananas – CL Traffic Bananas

P.S: Inside of the training you will also discover the other tool which will simplify your Craigslist activities to ABSOLUTE minimum.

I hope this was valuable for you. If you liked the content, please comment below:)

And remember to not only watch the training videos – but also implement what you will learn. Results only come from taking action.

Bart Gorczak
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How to increase website traffic

How to increase website traffic is main concern of everyone who is working in online marketing niche.

Let’s make it clear. Everyone who is doing something online, at the end wants to earn money from his work. Finalizing sale (earning money) is last step of complicated proces.

  • First step is to drive traffic to Your website – we will cover this topic here “How to increase website traffic”
  • Second step is converting this traffic to leads – building Your List of customers
  • Third step must convert leads (potential customers) to sales (buyers)

Step one: How to increase website traffic ??

There are many ways of doing that but when You are at the beggining of Your journey You probably don’t have to much money You can spend on Paid Advertisement or Solo Ads. But if You already generating a lot of income don’t close this post yet – You can use this tool too and learn another method how to increase website traffic – never enough traffic right??

For those who like to read by themselfs click HERE or link below:

For those who prefer listening i prepared video:

This is very usefull and simple tool that will boost Your current traffic and most important thing it’s FREE. Ofcourse there is option to upgrade it and gain more benefits and traffic but if I would sell paid option only – You could consider it as a scam. Free option gives opportunity to try software and when You will decide it’s fine and working, You can always update.

Fair deal right??
Answering question from topic: How to increase website traffic:
You have to opt-in and register ( to links above or HERE )to software and use it for FREE.

Before You start complaining that’s not working – try it…
You are shortening Your links anyway – this tool allows You to do that and in addition it’s generating TRAFFIC to Your website. You track Your clicks and conversion too, so noone will tell me it’s not usefull.

Ok that was first easiest and FREE option to generate traffic. What ealse do we have:

social networking 300x256 How to increase website traffic

  1. Paid options:
    • Solo Ads – sending Your offer to someone list (usually it’s expensive)
    • Advertisement – options to choose here:
      • Google AdWords / Bing
      • Banners
      • Social media (posts/pictures)
      • Ads on Newsletters
      • PPC – Pay Per Click campaigns
      • Press release articles
      • Paid reviews on blogs
  2. Free methods:
    • Blog – You are reading one now – it’s not totaly free but it’s low cost method. For details click HERE and read about Setting up an online business from scratch.
    • Social media – talking with people, showing what you learned, offering usefull things (it’s hard task)
    • Viral Traffic Dominator – promote links and get additional traffic
    • Posting ads on services like Craigslist
    • Online video sharing – Youtube

Small Tip:
To get more views to Your site / offer try to deal with some other online marketer and support each other – send his offer to Your list and ask him to do the same for You. This way Your article can get way more views. Just make sure that site you are promoting don’t destroy Your relationship with list. DOn’t promote and scams/porns etc.

Bart Gorczak
Kaleb Avatar How to increase website trafficikona facebook How to increase website trafficikona pinterest How to increase website trafficIkona Twitter How to increase website trafficikona google plus How to increase website trafficikona linkedin How to increase website trafficCMM Machine Newsletter Button How to increase website traffic




I hope You found answer to question from topic: how to increase website traffic.